Trick or Treat

What’s up fellow education lovers (sorry about that awkward term of endearment I’ll never use it again). 

Sorry for not blogging as much recently, It’s been a rough few weeks.  But never the less I have some things to catch you up on.

First! Trick or Treat!!  Let me recap our goal for participation in Trick or Treat.  We decided to make a little booth at the beginning of the Trick or Treat for parents to get a free photo of their little munchkin dressed in Halloween.  So at our meeting on October 21st we made a Spooky Mural to go along with a few decorations we purchased.  I do believe it was the most fun we’ve had a meeting thus far.  So the day of trick or treating came and we set up some spiderwebs, some pumpkins and hung our mural up on the side of Sawmills.  It was wonderful.  Then the trick or treaters showed up.  We got off to a rocky start but once we got our balance we were able to continue through the night.  It did start to rain however so that put a damper on some things, but it was over all a very fruitful experience.  We have made notes on our mistakes from last year and hope to improve the event we had!

Unfortunately we are unable to hold our holiday fair like we had hoped we would be able to this December, so we are looking forward to organizing a Valentines day fair next semester.

To all those students who are taking the Praxis 1 this Saturday GOOD LUCK!!! I’m sure you all will do superbly!!


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Welcome Brunch!!

Hello Readers!

After a rather crummy Saturday weather wise, Education Club made a valiant effort to pick up the dreary weather and hold a Welcome brunch for all the new or interested members.  The brunch was very intimate as we got a feel for what the new members were interested in while telling them some of the events we hold.  All while eating an array of muffins, bagels, and juices.

Thanks to all those who attended, anyone who didnt make it is most defiantely welcome to the Meetings on Wenesday’s at 7 in the Monadnock Lounge(Next to Pierce Hall).

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Start of the Year!!

Hey kids! Education Club secretary Caitlin here!  Just wanted to let you know about a few things we discussed at the Exec. Board meeting on Wednesday. 

For one we talked about a new program we might want to get started in terms of an Art program at schools who perhaps don’t have one.  It’s in its preliminary stages but never the less we are excited! 

We discussed doing some of the events we wanted to do last year but didnt have the opprotunity to (because of the Ice Storm).   Such events included the Craft fair and a Flee Market.

We also discussed confrences coming up.  There is a Math/Science confrence in Boston in October.  There is the Kagan confrence in Florida over the summer.  Lots of really interesting trips we can take to expand our educational horizions.

We opened up some ideas on new things Education Club can get involved in.  These ideas included “Rage in the Cage” and “Up All Night”. 

Lastly we decided to kick off the year right with the most important meal of the day!  Education Club hopes to host a brunch for Education majors in the coming weeks to get our exciting year started!  Hope to see you all there!

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